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Bistro Bits: John Hoglund - "This man expresses his heart in every note and has too much going for him to stay away for long periods. He’s got the goods."

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TheaterScene.Net: "A thoughtful, eclectic and affirmative program of inspired songs"

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TheaterScene.Net: "Loving....talented....pleasing....amiable"

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Audience Buzz


Listen to My Heart

"You are incredible!"


"You were stunning."

"The show was phenomenal."

"We loved every moment!!!"

"Your talent, enthusiasm, and personal story woven in were all amazing!"

"So glad I was in the room where you happened!"

"It was an enlightening experience."

"You have a marvelous voice and big heart."

​"You brought down the house and lifted our hearts!"

"It gave me true happiness and joy."

"Your talent is amazing and your voice took us to places, your stories were great and you made us smile and cry."

"I loved listening to your heart!"

"You made everyone feel so welcome and loved."

"It was a magical night in so many ways. Your joy was totally infectious."

"It was just right, or as the French say à point."

"So great to listen to you and hear your heart through your gifted talent, careful selections, unfolding narrative (beautifully done) and musical accompaniment that was a complement from start to finish."

"What is obvious to me and infectious as an audience member is your passion and love for singing. Your heart lingers beautifully on your sleeve!"

"The whole show was absolutely wonderful. Great songs, arrangements and your fantastic singing and showmanship. The audience loved it."

Step Into The Sun


"You were phenomenal. The audience positively loved you. I’d see it again in a heartbeat. Absolutely."

"Your emotional truth and warmth comes through in every note. A totally lovely crowd, all in love with you and life!"

"Your performance was beautiful, moving and inspiring. The sense of connection you felt to your songs is what I heard as true artistry."

"You were amazing, full of emotions, funny and loving. Your voice and song choices moved me so much I admit tears threatened to ruin my makeup :)"

"You're amazing! I thank you for what you bring, it was a magical night."

"What a beautiful and uplifting show. You were radiating the light of love & joy from the moment you took the stage. James Followell conducted your trio masterfully. It was simply blissful - bravo my friend ... and that’s all on top of your scrumptious vocals. Your deep connection showed. You were in the pocket from the moment you took the stage. It was a joy."

"WOW. The gift you gave to yourself you also gave to everyone in that room last night. I was so moved by you. Your joy and love was palpable. BRAVO. I am SO happy I didn't miss your performance last night. It was truly inspiring to me on many levels. xoxo"

"Your choice of musical pieces were amazing as well as you were in performing them. You are a special person and certainly know how to please an audience in every which way with kind words."

"You were absolutely amazing!!!!! You are so talented and it was a wonderful show!!! So honored I got to see it!!! The songs you sang and what they meant were truly so touching. What a wonderful evening!!!"

"You were marvelous last night. the love in the room was palpable last night. And your comfort and ease on stage is enviable."

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